Recent Work

Capstan Technologies designed an Agile, Small-deflection Precision (ASP) gun mount to provide active targeting correction (2-axis) for vehicular-mounted weapons proposed for the US Army PEO Aviation Program. Specific intended usage is to provide targeting correction capability to helicopter platforms to remove vibratory and vehicular maneuvering disturbances. Capstan’s ASP design shown with an M3P .50 caliber machine gun mounted; The ASP gun mount shown affixed to the outboard end of the Universal Weapons Pylon (UWP).

Gimbal Mount 1 Gimbal Mount 4

Capstan Technologies developed and proposed a system to prevent lens contamination of laser-based rail track inspection systems for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The system includes a transparent, impact-resistant lens cover on the outside of the laser slit. An air nozzle directs a continuous, high-velocity air stream directly on and perpendicular to the outer surface of the lens cover. The air stream, upon contact with the lens cover, moves at high velocity outwardly along the lens cover surface away from the nozzle outlet. This advancing air stream forms an air film barrier over the lens cover surface. A small gap set between the nozzle outlet and the lens cover surface dictates the thickness of the air film barrier and directly influences the velocity of advance of the air stream.

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