Who are we?

Capstan Technologies, Inc. is a project and solution-oriented engineering team, specializing in product development, process integration, and an array of engineering consultation services.  With a core background in advanced R&D, multi-physics analysis, electromechanical design, and advanced manufacturing methods, Capstan Technologies can be applied across many industries.  Our diverse engineering staff can step into a project at any stage, from concept through production to provide vital expertise and support necessary to successfully complete a project.  At any scale, the return on investment in the services of Capstan Technologies is unmatched by our ability to fill gaps in customers’ engineering staff or provide a complete, external engineering/R&D department.  Further, with our engineering expertise and in-house manufacturing / fabrication capabilities, we can design, test, and deliver full-scale, functional prototypes along with complete technology transfer documentation.  We work in both public and private sectors of industry, with corporations, government entities, and individuals.

Our team at Capstan Technologies, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering solutions in and across diverse technological fields for our customers. We also offer flexibility through contract, consulting, or scope-of-work based service arrangements that few other engineering teams can provide.


  • Electro-mechanical design and analysis
  • Manufacturing—fabrication and process optimization
  • Materials/product testing


  • Comprehensive design and product development projects
  • Proof-of-concept testing
  • Rapid-prototyping
  • Product optimization (e.g., design for manufacture, “green” design, technology updates)
  • Consumer, commercial, medical, and industrial products

What we do

Capstan Technologies provides comprehensive engineering solutions for its clients. Our team has years of experience in product, machine, and tool design as well as all aspects of manufacturing development. We have developed successful solutions in:

  • Product Design and Development  … learn more
  • Machine and Tool Design  …learn more
  • 3D Modeling and CAD Services  …learn more
  • Design for Manufacture Consulting
  • Manufacturing process development

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Capstan Technologies operates under a set of core values and guiding principles, all of which are critical to the continued success of our company, customers, and partners:

  • To deliver the finest and most innovative products and services in a timely manner
  • Provide unparalleled levels of quality and customer service
  • Conduct all business on the highest ethical basis

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure customer success by providing on time, high quality, affordable engineering, design and prototyping work by employing state-of-the-art machine tool technology and design strategy.